Blog Name Change – HNPP Journal

I’ve finally changed the title of the blog. It is simply HNPP Journal: My life with HNPP rather than the Slice of life. I liked the old title less and less, but was concerned that if I changed it I would cause an internet meltdown.

Why was it called Jon’s Slice of Life in the first place?

When I started the blog and was thinking about what to call it, I was listening to ‘It’s All Too Much’ a cover of the George Harrison song performed by Steve Hillage on his album ‘L’

From the chorus:

All the world is birthday cake
So take a piece but not too much

So with that idea, of HNPP only being just one aspect of my life, it became ‘A slice of life’

But as time has gone by the cringe factor has increased, and so I felt that a simple ‘HNPP Journal: My life with HNPP’ would be a better title. So there it is…


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