Tai Chi Diary 12/7/17

Another session on Monday.   We learnt another QiGong step called, Distinguished Lord Combs Hair or as it’s known in Swansea the Morecambe and Wise Pose. It’s one which I will have to be careful with as it involves twisting and quite a bit of arm movement at shoulder height.

So far, we have done Taiji Breathing, Round fan covers the Moon, Buffalo Ploughs the Land, Distinguished Lord Combs Hair … and always close with Sink Qi to Dantien and Close. All the moves are synchronised to breathing, and each movement is repeated several times to the left and to the right, though some are centred.

Some of the repetitions can be a little difficult, I had to duck out of the last run through this week as I could feel my shoulders and hips beginning to complain. It will be good when I’ve learnt the whole form and can move between each step only repeating as is comfortable. I think we are only repeating the steps as an aid to learning, so once learnt I hope I can optimise.

A little bit of reading and searching online reveals that this type of Qigong is from the Daoyin Yangsheng Gong system for dealing with stress, and in particular this is the yin form, Weiji Wufang Gong. It is practised in various Cancer Care Centres throughout the UK.

More info HERE

There is a book written by Gordon Faulkner:  Managing Stress with Qigong

I struggle with the warm up routines, there’s a few involving lifting arms out sideways and my right arm doesn’t want to go there. Too darn painful in shoulder and upper arm. Hip rotations and upper body rotations have to be done with ease too otherwise middle back and rib pain will incapacitate me for several days afterwards.

The Tai Chi set itself is just so relaxing, getting the feet right and the weight distribution seems to be the key. Once I feel stable I can relax and I feel centred and grounded. A really nice place to be.



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