Updates – Links and Feedback

I’ve updated a link to a facebook group which had been titled HNPPUK but is now


It has, dare I say it, a slightly more relaxed feel to the group than some of the others, but as always it’s ‘horses for courses’. I am ’employed’ by the group as a meeter and greeter.

A post from 2014 on Allodynia in the ‘A Day in The Life’ category mentioned that I had developed a burning pain in my upper arm which seemed to be triggered by the merest touch. At the time I didn’t know the cause, but that was discovered a few weeks later. I didn’t however update the post. But I will do now.

It was very simply caused by reaching for the on/off switch for my bed side lamp. The switch was on the cable and I had to reach down whilst lying in bed to get to it. It was only because we had switched bedrooms which had a touch sensitive lamp that I realised after a few nights that that painful spot was diminishing. Within a few weeks it had gone. The lamp was abandoned and replaced with one with a simple easy to operate pull cord.


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