Something New – Allodynia

I haven’t written a “Day in the life” entry for a long time. But I’ve been prompted to do so due to a new development, which I assume is due to HNPP.

One of my first persistent symptoms of HNPP was due to Ulnar nerve compression, usually when doing desk or table work. It first started to be a noticeable when I was in my late teens. It is a fairly regular occurrence and is so easy to trigger by such minor pressure that often I don’t notice that it is occurring until it is too late and my little finger and half third finger plus the outer aspect of my hand and sometimes into my forearm has gone completely numb. As long as I don’t aggravate it, sensation will gradually return over several days to a week.

Over recent years I’ve noticed that if I rest on my elbows I will get a sudden electric shock like pain shoot down the outer side of my arm, it’s a good warning, so pain which serves a purpose.

Several weeks ago I had a sudden inexplicable intense burning pain right in the bony groove of my left elbow, it lasted only 15 seconds or so, but was so intense that it really got my attention. It occured again several times that day, and seemed to be triggered by the merest touch and stretching or tensing my upper arm muscles.

Over several days this seemed to gradually move up the outer side of my arm toward my tricep muscles. I thought it must be a muscular pain, a strain or pulled muscle or tendon. For a few days it seemed to be moving toward the lower outer side of my arm and into my axilla, and chest, but thankfully it has retreated back to my arm only. However, what has developed is that that small area of my upper arm has become so sensitive to touch and movement, even the slightest touch results in sudden piercing burning pain. Stretching seems to bring on an almost cramp like aspect to it, but it is the burning sensations which really grab my attention.

I cannot understand what has caused it, could it be to do with the repeated ulnar nerve compressions, but then why would the pain move upwards. It doesn’t seem to be muscular, it is unlike any muscle strain that I have had before. And the sensitivity to touch seems to suggest that it is nerve related, though it might be too early to assume that.

Anyway, it’s there, it’s not making my life a misery, though it does give me a chance to yelp every now and then.

So what is Allodynia?

Here’s a wikipedia definition (pinch of salt and all that, so don’t rely on wiki to get it right)

Allodynia    ……             is a pain due to a stimulus which does not normally provoke pain. Temperature or physical stimuli can provoke allodynia, which may feel like a burning sensation, and it often occurs after injury to a site. Allodynia is different from hyperalgesia, an extreme, exaggerated reaction to a stimulus which is normally painful.

And here’s the link to the rest of the wiki article,

Allodynia, a wikipedia definition

It will be interesting to see how it develops or improves, though at the moment I don’t feel too positive about it improving as my continuing problems with shoulder and upper arm palsies and ulnar nerve palsies, mean that it is bounded by two areas of nerve injury.  QI


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