Neurological Alliance

This group has slipped right off my radar over the past few years. I first heard of it back in 2003-2004. It is an alliance of interest groups, and was involved in the then NHS Frameworks for neurological conditions. I never found out what happened to these much vaunted frameworks, but they seemed to disappear, probably under an avalanche of government generated bureaucracy. However, it appears the Neurological alliance has survived.

I recently received an email from the MS society which had information from the neurological alliance with regard to a survey they were running. Rather than mangle my words even further I give a few links, which will almost certainly be far more informative.

Homepage for the Neurological Alliance

And information about their current survey on Patients expereince of Neurological Services in England.

Patient experience survey launched

It’s also worth noting that there is a wealth of other information available on the website

eg  Living with a neurological condition (and how to get the most out of services)

And the Directory of Organisations



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