What on earth is DBEOH? Has he lost his mind?  (quite possibly)

DBEOH – “Don’t blame everything on HNPP”

or worse,

DBELTOH – “Don’t blame every little thing on HNPP”

I find these phrases rather insulting. Not to me, I might add, I don’t really give a groat what people think of me that much. No, it’s usually other people with questions about HNPP that this phrase is so thoughtlessly applied to, and that get my hackles up. I will defend the right for anyone to ask any question about HNPP. Questions deserve careful and thoughtful answers, DBEOH is neither careful nor thoughtful, and really adds nothing to a conversation.
Even more infuriating is when it spouts forth from the mouth of a Neurologist or other health professional.  What a great way to totally trash a doctor-patient relationship.

Oh well, it takes all sorts I suppose….




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