House Move

Dec_25_Oxwich Bay Gower

Dec_25_Oxwich Bay Gower

I’m no longer a resident of Bristol. After living in that area for approximately 53 of my 54 years, I’ve escaped! Now living in South Wales a few miles from Swansea and close to the most wonderful Gower Peninsula. Sea air and even the rain, and there’s plenty of that, tastes slightly salty.


Got a really big garden to potter around, probably 4-6 times the size of the old garden in Bristol. So I can get plenty of exercise at a pottering pace. Two ponds one very small, but bigger than the Bristol pond, and one 4 -5 times the size. Lots of frogs, newts, pond skaters and other creepy crawlies, plus a wealth of pond/marginal plants.

Health wise, I’m not too good, though I have my moments of relief. Funny reading the last post, as it is my shoulder and neck that is most troublesome, which was the case back last June. Much worse though, losing grip and arm strength on the left, and the pain can be pretty OTT. All the usual Hnpp crap going on, legs, feet, sciatica etc etc.

Waiting to see the respiratory consultant in Swansea, and get an update on opinions for surgery or other further treatment. Some very curious results from testing last summer, which to me look like further evidence of neuromuscular weakness being more pronounced, but maybe I’m just misinterpreting the results. Darn Neurologist in Bristol was a big let down, didn’t communicate with me at all, and seemed to spout the usual nonsense about HNPP being benign etc etc, whilst ignoring everything I said and asked. Pillocks, me included!

Right, that’s enough grouching about…


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