A long time with no updates

My first post for nearly a year… yikes…

It’s been a difficult new year, 2013, the death of two close family relatives in the first 3 months has been difficult to come to terms with. Too much going on in such a short period of time.


Since seeing the neurologist last year, not a lot has happened on the HNPP front. I’ve been seen by a physiotherapist from the neuromuscular network team, and have a few exercises to do, and I will be trying out a cardiovascular gym session arranged by the physio (at my request) in the next few weeks. My concern with this is that most of the exercises are of the high impact repetitive kind, treadmills, cross-trainers, hand bikes, etc. I’m not sure any of this will be suitable, but I will try. In some ways swimming might be a better exercise, as long as the pool is warm. I will have to chat with the trainer to see if this is possible.


I must have angered the gods of tinnitus, the noise this morning is at jet-engine screaming levels.  Perhaps I should top up on some cinnarizine to damp it all down.


I’ve added a new link to HNPP – Belgium

to the Blog roll and neuropathy links. It’s good to see HNPP blogs in different languages. So if there are any more out there please let me know so that i can add them to the blogroll.




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