Spring ’12

I’ve not had a lot to say recently, life in general has been a bit chaotic, and is about to get more so, with one son moving out, one getting married, and the other possibly moving back in for a while.

My health has been pretty poor, mostly to do with repeated chest infections requiring doses of anti-biotics. As for HNPP, well it’s not been too bad but isn’t letting up any. It’s in a sometimes phase, ie sometimes it’s lower back, sometimes middle back, sometimes upper back and neck and shoulders, sometimes the hands, and sometimes the feet and lower legs. Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m sad, but HNPP rolls on in it’s episodic here a bit, there a bit way.

Ears are being a nuisance again, lots of dizziness, ataxia and generalised imbalance to cope with. It adds an element of uncertainty to everyday life. I should be pleased really, even the routine becomes quite an adventure.

Can’t wait for the warmer weather to arrive, as long as it stays in my Goldilocks zone I’ll be chuffed. It’s good to get back out into the garden even if it’s only to admire the weeds. Cacti have made it out to the sunny side of the shed, hopefully there’ll be no more hard frosts… most blog more about this on the other slices blog.



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