Mad Leg and Flu jab

Mad leg, it feels very angry this morning. I have a gnawing pain in my pelvis and sharp burning and electrifying pains in my hip, outer thigh and into the outer side of my right knee. Boy it’s distracting and agonisingly painful. Medication at the ready. I can’t think of any activity which may have brought this on, it’s not new to me but it has been a while since I’ve had this happen. I believe it to be due to minor nerve compression, and an HNPP form of meralgia paraesthetica.

Now flu jab. I had my yearly flu vaccination on saturday, which is probably the 6th year that I’ve had it. The injection was given in the left deltoid muscle. Nothing remarkable, but almost instantly I felt a dull dragging pain extend down my arm and into my little finger and third finger, with slight pins and needles. I have never experienced that before on having this injection or any other injection. Over the course of the afternoon the pain and discomfort became worse, with slight weakness in the left hand. It got to the point where I began to feel decidedly nauseous from the pain. I took a hefty dose of anti-emetics and pain relief.

The following day, there was quite an improvement, and gradually I began to feel the usual muscle / arm ache from the flu vac. I was very relieved that the previous days event had passed off, I was briefly quite worried that it could get much worse.

I don’t think that the injection caused any serious nerve injury, and perhaps in someone without HNPP maybe there wouldn’t have been any effect at all. But I’m sure that that is what it was, a minor injection site nerve injury, which due to my hypersensitivity to nerve palsy, gave those side-effects.

Yesterday, Monday, I was leaning up against the radiator cover/shelf, with my left shoulder against the edge of the shelf, gradually I began to feel the same pains and pins and needles as I felt on saturday. Moving to relieve the pressure I realised I had been leaning on the same area that the injection had been given. The injection site isn’t at all painful, so it’s not that, it was just a pressure induced palsy ( or would have been had I not moved). To me this confirms that saturday’s events were nerve injury related.


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