Head Colds and Rice Pudding

Well, I’m still feeling rather dizzy today, slightly less spinning millstone effects, but definitely off-balance and light-headed. I suppose it’s probably due to a head cold that I caught toward the end of last week. One of the worst colds I’ve had in a few years. I don’t go out socialising that often, but last week I went to a concert at the Colston Hall in Bristol, to see Crosby and Nash. And a damn fine night it was too. That was tuesday, by thursday evening I was full of snot, and headache etc. Great! a night out and a cold caught. But still it was worth it, as it was a mighty fine gig.

I walked to the shop this evening, and noticed that my right foot is really bad today, foot dropping to the extent that I was almost at the point of having to drag it along the road. Maybe my balance disturbance is just as much sensory-motor as vestibular… hmmm well it’s both really, can’t really blame the dizzies on the foot drop, but it doesn’t help the mobility that’s for sure. Wow… I’m so interactive!!

Tried a dose of home office approved hemp leaf powder this afternoon. I bought it from a herbalist a few months ago. It’s supplied from a home office approved hemp plantation, that is hemp that is grown for fibre or seed, which is from a strain of cannabis that  has very low THC content. It has to be less than 0.3%  THC to get the home office approval. It is also used to brew some hemp/hop mixed beers that have been available in europe for the past 10 years or so. Quite legal apparently. Which is understandable as you can’t get stoned on this hemp leaf at all. But, for medicinal uses ie, for pain relief if might actually be quite good. At 0.3% THC and presumably very high Cannabidiol levels which works to nullify the ‘high’ of the THC, it should be quite good for neuropathic pain relief. I have been using approx 5 grams steeped in milk and honey, and warmed for upto 1 hour, then strained and drunk. There is definitely a pain relieving affect and I can feel the THC but not in a stoned ‘high’ way. I haven’t been taking it that regularly, in fact I’d almost forgotten that I had it, as I have nearly finished the 50 grams that I bought. It has convinced me that I should try it again, maybe on a more regular basis to assess it’s pain relieving properties. I think it is showing some promise. Besides it tastes really yummy and would go really nicely in a rice pudding.

Edit: to add, that Cannabidiol (CBD) as well as blunting the psychedelic properties of THC, has in it’s own right, anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory properties, which should make it useful for neuropathic pain in it’s own right. Combined with THC, which eventhough it has it’s stoner effects  reduced, still works in tandem with cannabidiol to provide pain relief. Sounds too good to be true….


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