Dizzy Day

Pretty bad today, feels like the old spinning millstone is back in charge. Any head movement is followed by a lagged heavy spin.

I was trying out Romberg tests yesterday, as I felt that the combination of sensory loss / muscle weakness in feet and legs was contributing heavily to my balance problems. I can no longer stand still with eyes open, my balance sways all over the place. And even without feeling dizzy, closing my eyes causes extreme loss of balance. I think perhaps I over stimulated an almost non-existent sense of balance in doing so, maybe the reason for the vertigo this morning/afternoon and I expect it will continue into evening..

I was also trying heel to toe walking, and I couldn’t do that with eyes open either, eyes closed I couldn’t even begin to lift my leg without lurching violently. So I reckon the sensory-motor lossses due to HNPP are now playing a significant role with regard to balance loss. One of my old neurologists made a note of my ataxic gait, well it’s far worse now.

One more link for the Meniere’s Awareness Week,

Meniere’s World Social Network 

Nice day though, rather warm (not uncomfortably so) and odd sunny intervals. With the wafting smells of my neighbour’s scented plants tickling my nose… rather good.





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