HMSN – CMT inc HNPP awareness pic/poster mk.2

After a quick fiddle with GIMP2 (a wonderful open source paint program), here’s the first attempt at a Name/label poster for HMS/CMT/HNPP awareness poster…

Name/label Poster for HMSN


3 thoughts on “HMSN – CMT inc HNPP awareness pic/poster mk.2

  1. I have this too and I need to know if others are having the same syptoms. I have dystonia as well, advanced, but I get confused, which is the dystonia and which is the HNPP? I have read about it etc. but I think it is in the trunk of my body as well, if so, what do doctors do about this?

    • Hi Loretta, It is very difficult when you have more than one condition, it does make it very hard to work out just what is what. It’s more than possible that they are separate conditions but often as not their effect overlap, making life very difficult.
      Try joining the facebook groups, they are very active, quite a few people are struggling with more than just HNPP

      Both groups are closed, but membership is usually approved in a few hours.

      If you have a yahoo account, you could also try the HNPP yahoo group. It is an email group, but has a long history going back to 1999, and has all the previous posts in the archive.

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