CMT Awareness Month

This year the CMT support groups in the US and the UK, and presumably other countries, have designated the month of september as Awaweness month.

I know it’s nearly over, but I wanted to display a profile picture on facebook (and elsewhere) to help pulicise this. I decided to make my own pic as most of the set designed ones were solely aimed at CMT. I think it’s a pity that they did not use some of the other terms for this group of genetic neuropathies. ie HMSN, Dejerine-sotas, Peroneal Muscular Atrophy, and so on… (I’m sure there’s more, just can’t think of them right now). Also a mention of HNPP would have been helpful. It’s probably for this reason that I am not too fond of the CMT moniker, I much prefer HMSN (sometimes written HSMN), as it is more descriptive and all emcompassing. CMT tends to be used for large but incomplete subset of these disorders, ie those HMSNs which are predominantly length dependent, symmetrical neuropathies.

HMSN = Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy

I only have a few days left to do this, left it a bit late… but perhaps it will suffice for this year, and can be used next year.

here’s my first attempt at an awareness poster,

cmt, hmsn, Hnpp, awareness poster

A bit naff really, so I’m going to have another go… thought I’d do a name poster, with all names of HMSNs included, then a few URLs…



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