10/8/11 – Mobility crisis looming

Symptoms have got quite a bit worse over the last few days, and I can’t think of anything that has precipitated this change.

I woke yesterday and my first steps were difficult, my left calf felt as if I had had a night of severe cramp, but I hadn’t. Lower leg is really stiff and painful. I hobbled around the house all day but when I did venture out I found that I had quite a bit of foot weakness, foot dropping like crazy. I swapped stick hands from left to right, but that soon had me staggering due to right foot drop. My balance was all over the place, being rather vestibular for the past few months doesn’t help either.

I think I will have to get a second stick, as the only way I could get home was to use the right hand for the stick and use left hand against the wall or garden railings. It takes a lot of effort, which inevitably means I get extremely breathless. In the past I have found that using two sticks makes me very breathless. It’s using both arms that does it.  I don’t think I have much choice at the moment, and as I will be moving slowly, and because I’m getting so breathless anyway, it might be a better option.

If that  fails to improve my mobility, I might have to seriously think about a scooter or powerchair.


3 thoughts on “10/8/11 – Mobility crisis looming

  1. Ime 45 had a stroke christmas eve wlke from a coma to left side paralisis my foot is driving me crazy I always walked barefoot not any more

  2. Interesting re breathlessness. It has slowly been creeping up on me. I was thinking it had to do with me not being fit, but I have now been reading up on the connection between HNPP and breathlessness, and it seems that yes, it is all part and parcle. Said that, I have decided to tackle it by trying to get fit and see if I can improve. It has got to a stage where I at times have problems talking for a lenghty time. Concerning.

  3. Breathlessness suddenly got much worse. I have been using a cross trainer on no resistance for 10 min twice a day. And after initially only managing 2 minutes before I had to stop I got to a stage where I could do 10 min w/o interruptions. Not always, but clearly a progress. Then last week it all changed. Walking up a few steps make me huff and puff and I am no use to anyone. All suffers: Work, house work, food for kids (single dad) etc. I can not identify what caused it. But as a result I have again chaged some of the things I have been doing for ages: Getting more sleep, no more late night work, more rest, at times I have had a dozen beers in one evening. As this will clearly expand my gut for a short time, this has now also stopped. (possible chance of damaging nerves). Irritating to say the least. Will update if I come up with something that makes a change.

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