Reading it all back – Topics for further discussion

Just been through my “Day in the life” section, and I’m pleased I did it. It was tough going most days I sat there (here) thinking that I didn’t want to write it all down, and that it was too self-indulgent, too negative, focusing too much on symptoms and problems rather than the good stuff in life. But it had to be done. And I think I can pull something from it which allows me to move forward… (chuckle… to move forward, one must have to come from..) Oh heck I’ll be calling it a journey next…

There were a few times that I made a note of points for further discussion. Of course I’ve forgotten most of them, but quickly reading back has jogged my memory.

  1. HNPP mimicing Double or multiple crush nerve injuries,
  2. Radiculopathies, Sciatica and Brachial plexopathies,
  3. Thoraco-lumbar junction and truncal symptoms of HNPP,
  4. Neuropathic Pain and HNPP,
  5. Cranial Nerve Involvement.

That should keep me busy for a few years!

My plan is to publish them here, but also to submit them to the Neuropathy Group Blog for publishing there.

Grand plans – eh…

I’ll make no promises.


2 thoughts on “Reading it all back – Topics for further discussion

  1. Keep on going. We’ll take the bad with the good, the negative with the positive. You have a voice and soon you’ll have a growing audience. Others with HNPP need to know they don’t suffer alone. It is very frustrating to suffer from a “new” disease. Before it becomes mainstream and well known in the medical community, you get looked at as if you are talking a foreign language. Thank you for your blogs. I’ll keep following them and passing the information along.

  2. Thanks for the postive feedback Lillia. I haven’t written much recently, the facebook group has been very active, and I find I have to limit my time typing, HNPP is very unforgiving if things are pushed too hard. But… ‘I’ll be back…’

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