Daily: another moan-a-log entry – 12/07/11

Things have been really difficult this last few weeks. Things? Take a random snapshot into the past six months blog posts, mix them up a bit and you will see the picture. Lots of coming and going, sometimes legs, feet, sometimes arms, shoulders, then the ribs and lower middle back, probelms flare (must be the sun), fade and repeat, regularly and often rapidly.

Currently, it’s left hand being awkward, feels like I’m wearing a boxing glove, useless for manipulating anything, and hardly any feeling. I’m sure it’s looking slightly atrophied, compared with the right.

Feet have been burning, more specifically the soles of my feet. I’m not sure whether this problem gets worse in summer or not, it might be totally unrelated to heat as such, possibly more to do with changes in activity, ie more time standing. They are numb in a patchy way, outside of left, over the toes of the right.

Left knee is giving way, usually at a most inopertune moment, thankfully living in a narrow terraced house means there are plenty of walls to bounce off.

Right lower back is aching this morning.

I’ve overdone the time typing, too much eyeball work, feeling quite dizzy, so time for a break… laterz…


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