Daily Post – 9/6/11 – Sciatica and a shrug of the shoulders!

My feet are burning this morning, which is made worse by pressure, so standing still is quite unpleasant as is any resting position where there is pressure on my feet. To relieve this I’m jiggling my feet around. Restless legs is a good description.

I was quite unsteady on my feet yesterday, and I found walking outside quite difficult, it feels like my feet are affected by both muscular imbalance and poor sensory feedback. It’s almost as if I don’t know quite where my are. This has quite a pronounced effect on my gait and balance.

I’m in two minds about this daily post, or at least my use of it as a symptom report.

Crazy legs! It’s like walking on glass, not that I’d really know what that is like, I guess I’m trying to convey the sharp pains. My legs have given way several times today, it starts with a sharp stabbing pain high up in the hip or upper leg and shoots down to the feet, and all strength seems to drain from my legs. I shouldn’t complain, I’m still standing!

The funny thing is that in a day or two this could all clear up, at least to some extent. Unlike my partner who has sciatica due to a prolapsed lumbar disc, L4. Her problems have been fairly constant for the past few weeks following a relapse of a long term problem. Because she hasn’t got HNPP she has had MRIs, and treatment such as steroid injections and local anaesthesia. I forget the name of the proceedure. And that’s good that is how it should be. But with HNPP all I get is blank looks from the neurologists. I’ve never had an MRI of my back, despite this being a problem at various places along the spine over the past 15 years. I can understand that perhaps with HNPP there is no possibility of the same kind of treatment, but how does anyone know if investigations aren’t followed up. It’s extremely irritating to say the least. Moan moan moan… tut… here I go again…



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