Strange Headache – and plenty more

The last week or so, probably more like the last month, I’ve been struggling with the effects of asthma. April was unseasonally warm and high pressure dominated over the country for most of the month. On numerous occasions weather warnings were issued regarding poor air quality and smog, or more precisely a rise in particulates known to be troublesome to asthmatics.

I have been so breathless this last month or so, which would seem to tally with the info above. Now i have an added problem… Hay Fever. I’m guessing that is what it is, much sneezing and rhinitis, but not a cold. This has been playing havoc with TN-facial pain. It has been flaring like crazy this last few weeks. It, the hay fever, has also boosted the volume of the tinnitus that is consistently present, proviking dizziness and sometimes outright rotational vertigo. I’m not best pleased with this turn of events.

But today a new craziness has reared it’s head. Intense eye pain. It is episodic, lasts perhaps only 20-30 seconds but in that time it is extremely painful, easily a 9. But thankfully it is short lived. I do however feel quite unnerved by this. ie WTF is it…. I think it is probably explained by the HNPP, TN, hay fever, asthma combination, and judging by the resurgence of auditory-vestibular symptoms, I think this is quite likely. But it’s something new, or at least a new manifestation. I don’t like it, I wish it would go away… sometimes it can be just ‘all too much’, and not in the hippy trippy George Harrison sense.

Other than that my body has been torturing me in other ways today. It really has been ‘all  too much’. I can’t even begin to list and describe it all, and to be honest it’s probably best that I don’t.

Tomorrow will be better… It had better be…


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