Down down down.

I’ve found that having a break from the daily post a relief. It had become too difficult to give a balanced view, too easy to be thoroughly negative.

But this post isn’t that much better.

I suppose I must be feeling just a little bit depressed, too many health problems, with asthma being a big problem of late. Not being able to breathe well is lousy, and despite lots of medication it isn’t improving that much. Perhaps it’s this unseasonally hot weather, persistent high pressure, rain and a change is forecast for next week… I can’t wait, just hope the forecasters have got it right. It will be interesting to see if my asthma improves. I hope so.

As for HNPP, I’m a bit more foot dropppy on my right side, and my hands are complaining even on small tasks. Lower and mid back is grumbling away, as is the trigeminal neuralgia.

I have quite a gripe with the CMT expert neurologists, in my view, their blinkered approach causes most of the problems that people with HNPP face. Perhaps I’ll expand on my gripe at a later date, I don’t want to wind myself up about it today.


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