Daily Post #106 – 21/4/11

Very tired today. Perhaps it is the warm weather, but I seem to have little energy, every limb seems heavy and difficult to move and manipulate.

Trigeminal pain and paresthesias were very troublesome this morning, the left side of my face feeling far worse than usual. Thigh and hip pain on the right, and both achilles tendons feeling very tight and achey. My hands have been very stiff with varying levels of strength, stabs of pain and generally aching all day.

I had a fairly severe asthma attack this morning, my son had been cooking a spicy chicken breakfast for himself, and something that he used to season the chicken immediately caused the attack to come on. It is so odd to have such a sudden and severe reaction, it leaves little time to take preventative measures. It has taken most of the day to recover from the attack, my lungs have felt sensitive all day.

My balance has been quite bad again, and yet again I had episodes of vertigo throughout the day. Short in duration but severe enough to throw me totally off balance and feeling nauseous and fatigued.

In all, today has been a bit of a blur. It will be interesting to see if the continued warm weather causes more days like today. That has been my experience of warm weather for the last few years, thankfully the last few summers havent been scorchers, with only short periods of blistering hot weather. Apparently, fine and warm Aprils tend to mean that the summer will be wet and unsettled. It will be interesting to see if this really is the case this year.


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