Daily Post #104 – 19/4/11

Haha I missed a day… oh well…

Having a bad time with cardiac arrhythmias, not so much at night but during the day, it’s been 4 or 5 days so far. Also very breathless, so I’m not a happy bunny at the moment.

I do wonder whether there’s any relationship with HNPP, my rational mind says no, but I can’t help posing that question to myself. Quite often it occurs at the sametime as neck and thorocic nerve pinch problems and pain. Currently my shoulder, right in particular, is really playing up, it is quite painful and pain decends into the chest. Now I don’t associate the pain with the heart symptoms but I don’t know for sure. Perhaps it’s nothing to do with HNPP at all, and the pain is heart related. But my arm and hands are not functioning well, not much strength and that numbing weakness. Odd.

My legs are not good, really feel weak and lots of pain, nagging, gnawing, burning, pins and needles, and stabbing pains come and go all day.

I must make a docs appointment and get a general check up. I think I’ll contact the neuromuscular clinic as well, and perhaps make enquiries about a consultation with a neurologist with specialist interest in HNPP and neuromuscular disease.

Nice day today. Sun is shining, and there’s a good fresh breeze. Hopefully the neighbours will refrain from lighting bonfires and barbeques, they are a real nuisance, the fires not neccessarily the neighbours.


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