Daily Post #98 -12/4/11 – muscle atrophy measurements

Not a good start to the day, woke up early feeling like John Hurt in the Alien. Took quite a few hours before things had settled down. I’ll have to go for a consult if this carries on, goodness knows what is causing it, dread to think.

Read an interesting post on one of the Facebook groups about muscle atrophy. It seems that some neurologists don’t really think of atrophy as being part of HNPP. I find that surprising and not at the same time. So I thought I’d measure my thigh muscles as they are the ones that I think are slowly getting weaker and smaller. Measured the circumference at approx 6 inches above the knee, which is where I’ve taken measurements before some 4 or 5 years ago. Then the circ was approximately 19.5 inches (50cms), now they measure slightly under 18 inches (45.5cms). Could be that the position is slightly different, but it would indicate some muscle loss. I also took a measurement just under the buttock crease, again a thigh circumference, and measurement was ~50.5 cms (just under 20 inches). I believe that is quite small.

Also measured calf muscle, and they were ~ 36 cms (right), 34 left. I’ll have to compare with measurements I took earlier this year, but I think they are about the same.

It will be interesting to see how these measurements check out in the future.


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