Daily Post #95 – 9/4/11

The weather is just gorgeous, so nice to have the doors open and to feel fresh air, well as fresh as it can be in inner city Bristol. Which is not bad really, mostly an atlantic drift.

Have re-potted a cactus this morning, nice to get earthy, feeling a bit stiff though, but it was worth the effort.

I’m having trouble with arms and shoulders, when I was walking to shop last night, I couldn’t manage the stick in the left hand, too much shoulder/chest pain, it’s quite a sickening pain, and not one I can cope with for long. Had to change hands, which isn’t good with right foot drop. My right arm/shoulder isn’t that muych better, it also gives this double crush type problem such that any weakness in my hands is magnified.

Going to soak up some sun and air, maybe that will restore the spirit. (@11:38)


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