Daily Post #94 – 8/4/11

It looks so sunny outside, another fine day. I should be outside pottering in the garden, but I am pooped, didn’t sleep at all well, kept awake by a rather crazy gut. I still haven’t recovered from last weeks spell of slowed transit times. Bah… ab muscles are still a quiver and very little strength.

I’m very off balance today, and there’s a dizziness lurking, probably just due to the tiredness. I woke up in the night with intense upper jaw pain, wow, it was beyond anything I’ve experieced before, thankfully it was a short stab, probably lasting less than 30 seconds. Headache this morning and on that side, not a pulsating head just sharp electric pain. Not too bad, but enough to screw around with my mood.

Still getting fairly minor stabs of face pain, looks like it’s going to be the tale of the day… must get out.


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