Daily Post #93 – 7/4/11

Lots going on in political circles with regard to welfare reform, and a lot of noise, mostly from tabloid press that likes to reduce the issue to ‘scrounger’ vs ‘hard-working tax payer’.

So it was with some relief to read a balanced and thoughtful article on the issue this morning.

Capacity to work is not an abstract concept.

Rehab is generally quite expensive, and whilst the welfare to work ideas talk about targetted support for those with illness but deemed capable of some work, this window of opportunity (trying to see the positive side of things) is now going to be time-limited to one year. That will hardly help me with a long-term, progressive illness. My needs are on-going and they will change, sometimes slowly and sometimes quite rapidly. Without good support the latter rate of change is more likely to be the case. All this current reform does is widen the holes in the net, so that many people with long term illnesses fall through. There’ll be no long-term support, but also little or no cost to the tax-payer.

If by any chance, and it is a very slim chance, that I end up in the support group, deemed incapable of any work, will I get any support whatsoever, other than the security of weekly payments. Somehow I don’t think so. That would be too costly for these austere times. This reform, for most, will not be enabling it will be disabling.

Enough of that for today. So far so good, side strain is back but not as severe, breathlessness is a problem, and the ole sensory nerves are playing their games of trickery, no my feet aren’t really on fire… it’s too early to say how the motor-muscley parts are functioning, I jut feel too numb. (@9:40)



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