Daily Post #91 – 5/4/11

This side-strain nerve pinch is getting worse. The pain is in upper lower back, into the side muscles between ribs and pelvis, into the groin and hip. It is very uncomfortable. I am also experiencing constant level of pins and needles down the length of my leg.

My shoulder don’t feel good either, a sharp electric stabbing pain across both sides, possible more right than left. It is so sharp it takes my breath away and skips my heart beat.

Got to move feet are burning and legs are going dead.. (@9:55)

Well it’s late afternoon, had to go out to the post office earlier today, given a lift from my partner, realised how stiff my legs were, and how much this lower side strain is interfering with walking. I have a general level of aching pain which just about seems all over, hands, arms, shoulders, feet legs, hips, abdominal and chest, and now the head. I’m feeling quite vertiginous, quickeye movements are leaving me quite dizzy, and my face feels rather electric. Not a good day really. Going to meditate and see if I can connect with the inner light, helps to increase my tolerance to pain. (@16:58)



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