Daily Post #90 – 4/4/11

Sometimes I think it would be best to go to a diagrammatic representation of my daily problems. I did this a few years ago, it was very successful and the picture produced is much better at putting across the daily problems.

My feet and lower legs are really painful today, each step is difficult, and I’m lurching all over the place. It’s really difficult to find a comfortable position, standing and sitting give their own problems. So I’m having to flit from one thing to another, but it’s quite an effort to move at times.

I could sling this laptop in the bin at times, after writing a paragraph, it has randomly just deleted the whole thing, someimes the cursor jumps to a different place, and then odd things will happen, I can’t work out why it does it. Perhaps due to some accidental key press. Typing isn’t easy with painful and numb hands, so accidental keypresses might be the reason. It’s bloomin’ irritating though. I’ve tried speech recog, and I can’t talk clearly or loudly enough for it to work effectively… made it … no random deletions… (@16:00)

Legs aren’t working well at all. Really lots of pain and poor movement. So tiring just walking a short distance, which takes my breath away. Upper thigh pain right side has been quite pronounced, possibly related to this lower right sided ab pain, side strain comes to mind as a good descriptor.

Left upper neck is feeling a bit weird too. Feels like a bad crick coming on. Hopefully it will fade by tomorrow.

Om mani padme hum…



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