Daily Post #89 – 3/4/11

Apart from all the usual things which have been niggling for the past few months, since beginning this daily blog, a not so frequent problem has arisen, probably due to the ongoing bout of slow an difficult bowel movements. Lower right abdominal ache, back and front, muscular I believe. It causes much discomfort and makes sitting in any position quite difficult. There’s a bit of right lower rib clicking that goes with it, which is quite discomforting too. It actually makes walking quite difficult, with a sense of weakened thigh movement, meaning that lifting the leg is difficult and tiring. This evening I am aware of a tingling sensation in the region of the upper lumbar vertebrae, I wonder if this is a related nerve root tingle.

So it all sounds hypochondriacal… raspberries to that, it’s perfectly described by HNPP’s presentation. I’ll have no truck with such balderdash…


Very painful shin on right side, walking has been difficult. That’s enough for now…


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