Daily Post #87 – 1/4/11

Tinnitus is squeeling like crazy today, and ‘ve had several small bouts of spinning vertigo, generally feel fuzzy headed. Where does it all come from?

I feel generally quite weak, lower leg pain and stiffness is quite high, and foot drop is intermittently coming and going. I daren’t sit still for too long or for that matter stand still for too long, my legs lock up and don’t want to move.

I have quite bad lower chest upper ab pain, very sharp stabbing sensations, on certain movement, like trying to sit up straight or even through breathing deeply. I suspect that I’ve got a mild core muscle weakness, which nearly always happens after a bout of mild constipation. It’s just too strenuous and then the ab muscles just flake out when under any stress. It makes lifting my legs very difficult, with the weakness being felt in the upper thighs and quads.

Well, that’s all rather difficult to explain. Hopefully my bowel habits will return to normal soon. I guess that’s one of the down sides to opiate therapy… (@15:30)


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