Daily Post #84 – 29/3/11

The trouble with these daily posts is that it is becoming too easy to just say, crap day, same as yesterday. But maybe that is a significant point, despite HNPP’s erratic and sporadic nature as one ages it all begins to meld together. Wish I had Spock’s mind melding technique there’s a few people who could do with being melded… I deviate… isn’t that good, ie deviation, the spice of life.

My body is just as screwed up as yesterday, balance is all over the place; stagger, trip, clatter. It’s a mix of the vestibular and foot drop, stiff hip doesn’t help much either.

What really bugs me at the moment though is the proximal, ie close to the body’s centre, and cranial shenanigans. The facial pain and scummy sensations have been quite intrusive today, minor stab of electric pain along the lower trigeminal branches with occasional upper branch stabs. Lovely! really gives the day a bit of zing! I was always a bit of a masochist. Just as well really, otherwise I’d have caved into this torment years ago… transcend the pain, go up another level… the deeper you dive the higher you fly… errr yeah well, that’s fine if you’re in control, when you’re not, it’s not so much fun…

Whoa… I think I’m revealing too much… gong!



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