Daily Post #80 – 25/3/11

A strange thing happened last night, as I was sitting quite relaxed at my PC, just browsing, I started to get BIG pins and needles in both arms, though left was worse than right. It went on for quite some time, and involved the whole arm. Seemed to be shoulders as the focal point. But I wonder if this is the reason for the increased hand and arm weaknesses I’ve been feeling all week. Other than that I am still harbouring a mild cold virus, the snittery snottery snits and a headache.

This brings up two topics that perhaps should have a more in depth blog. Double and multiple crush (minor crush temporary restriction) in HNPP, and the effects of viral illness on the peripheral nervous system. I will have to attempt this at a later date.

Foot drop is pretty bad again, and I seem to have little strength in my upper legs, they get easily fatigued. Hints at those two topics again… I had thought of going out to a gig this weekend, but its a long night, and I’m not sure I’m up to it, have a busy day saturday and sunday, and I’m knackered before the weekend has started. Something will have to give. Besides I spent money put aside for the gig on cacti seed and a few rare cacti for my collection. Perhaps shed time is more appealling to gig time these days, far more rewarding and relaxing… where’s my pipe and slippers… oops forgot, I don’t smoke anymore.

One more thing, the facial pain and odd sensations have reduced in severity, that’s good because it can chip away at my resolve.

Wow… Really bad balance this evening, not helped by foot drop, and painful hands which can’t control a walking stick. I got to the shop, after stopping numerous times to catch my breath, and had the sensation that the world had tilted by 45 degrees, every step was like a climb up hill, my head span round and round. It was a real struggle getting home, even though it’s only a stone’s throw away.

My arms a tingling again, and it’s definitely from the shoulders. Sometimes I think I’m on the verge of a major permanent shift in severity of symptoms… got to stop thinking, it’s not good for my soul… Aum…


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