Daily Post #72 – 17/3/11 – Shed Therapy

My Right leg is being a right pest today. Foot drop and a painful dragging sensation on the outside of my shin, feels like my foot is being pulled down by powerful elastic bands.

Both of my hands are painful and weak. I can’t trust them with any gripping or lifting activity.

Balance is in a bad shape, tinnitus and mild vertigo present. Not helped by burning soles of my feet and the foot drop.

Right side ribs, the lower clicky ones, are also niggling away. Not helped by the breathlessness.

Good points for today. It looks as if it is going to be a sunny bright and fine spring day. Should make the effort to do some shed therapy. Pot a few cacti, and move them from the house to the shed. (@10:08)

Didn’t get my dose of shed therapy. Had a visit from my no.1 son. He also has HNPP. He seemed relatively well. We had a good chat, found some old pieces of equipment that he wanted, and had a good ole techie chin wag.

My right calf muscle is being a right pain. Twitch and burn. My balance is still all over the place, and this breathlessness is too intrusive. It will change… hopefully for the better. One can always hope… (@19:14)

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