Daily Post #70 – 15/3/11

An odd sensation day. Burning soles of both feet, with increasing intensity if standing for mre than a few minutes. Tingling and buzzing right shoulder. Tight knotty middle back, sometimes like a hot coal focused over the upper lumbar and lower thoracic vertebrae. Sunburnt skinned shins.  Clicky rib. Tight mesh-like sensation over left side of face, a frozen burn sensation. Painful wrists and numb pinky and part of palm of left hand, hands generally painful and stiff, probably recovering from last weeks activity. Balance is not good, foot drop and weak ankles not helping.

Despite all of this the GP score would be about 5/10. No one thing is that bad, and generally I can rise above it, but there’s a lot going on, all bubbling away.

Something good… A really nice day again, plenty of sunshine and the days are getting much longer. Seeds should be germinating, must remember to check them tomorrow, make sure they don’t dry out.


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