Daily Post #66 – 11/3/11

Not too bad today. Balance is not good, and a few short spells of vertigo have been popping up from time to time. Hip and footdrop episodes have been making any walking in free space not that easy. Free space! … I mean outside. Inside the house it doesn’t become such a problem as space is limitied and many objects, wall, doors, furniture are around to break up the space.

I finished off a bit more on the cabinet, just a bit of gluing, fingers and tips are quite numb, so grip wasn’t that good.

Had a nasty asthma  / breathless attack this evening, rubbing down a few burrs on the cabinet, didn’t realise I was getting breathless until I couldn’t breathe, took a good ten to fifteen minutes to recover. It’s gonna kill me one of these days… well something has to.

My thoughts are with the people of Japan, after today’s horrific events.


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