Daily Post #65 – 10/3/11

A good day, fairly busy putting some pre-packed units together. Usual troubles with hands cramping up, but as long as I don’t push things too quickly I can eventually accomplish simple goals. As long as I keep moving and take care not to stay in one position for more than a few minutes, I am ok. If I rest everything cramps up and doesn’t want to move. I’m going to have to rest eventually, so I hope I get a good nights sleep. With a bit of luck I won’t wake up tomorrow barely able to move, must try to think positively, just hope my body is listening to my thoughts.

Face numbness has been a bit picky today, that cold frozen mesh sensation again. I’m getting used to it, and so far it hasn’t taken a leap into anything new and unpleasant. It’s irritating rather than painful. I get little jabs and stabs of pain, but nothing grossly unpleasant, not for quite a few months.  There are no chickens to count.


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