Daily Post #63 – 8/3/11

I think I overdid the garden work yesterday, which would be ok, if I had actually done a lot of work. But 5 minutes of pulling off a few dead heads was far from being a hard days work. It is the fact that I have lost this ability that is so depressing, I was enjoying the moment, but now I’m paying the price. It’s not too bad to be honest, I have felt very much worse than this, but it isn’t a bed of roses either.

Legs very stiff, feels like there’s broken bones, there isn’t. Calf muscle is going berserk with twitching, feet are burning and yet freezing at the same time, not actual just sensation. Lower to mid back is stiff and painful, twitching on occasions, it would be easy to cope with if it didn’t cause me to catch my breath on movement, this makes coping with lung disease even more difficult.

But the sun is shining again, and it looks as pretty as a picture outside. My partner is taking me out for a shopping trip, so that is something to look forward to… till later…. so@13:51

Ok, that was a good afternoon out. Bloomin’ tired now, legs aching like crazy, but what the heck, it was just so good to get out. Found some nice bits of wood for a speaker cabinet, all for 1 pound a piece.



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