Daily Post #62 – 7/3/11 – Stick in the ribs, garden adventures

As usual it took me a while to get going today, getting up after lying in bed for 6 hours or so is always a bit of trial and error, working out which parts of the body are working as expected. It also takes a while for the meds to take effect, particularly the inhalers for respiratory problems. They’re supposed to be fast acting, but it’s always a struggle for me. My balance is never that good first thing either.

But today was a beautiful day, a glorious spring morning, clear crisp skies and a warm sun, by midday the frost had cleared and the warmth in the sun was very welcome. So much so that after a trip to my shed to measure up some scrap pieces of wood for a project that I’m thinking about, I decided to linger in the sun. Started to do a bit of garden tidying, picking out some of the dead stems from last year. I suppose it should have been done last autumn, but that was too cold. Really enjoyed the few moments of getting down and dirty with the earth. Standing back up wasn’t so easy, as my back had seized and my legs could barely get me up. This has been a bit of a problem since, the lower rib abdominal crunch. Just have to take it easier, I don’t want to stop fiddling about in the garden, but I suppose I will have to be more realistic about my abilities, and wait for someone else to be around while I’m doing it. Can’t wait to have some more time out there, especially on days like today.


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