Daily Post #58 – 3/3/11 – Dentist

I was dreading today. Because of all the facial pain that i get, which sometimes feels as if all my teeth are crumbling or being crushed, I thought that it was inevitable that I would need some dental work. That wasn’t necessary, my teeth are in good shape, no cavities, no sensitivity. So I am greatly relieved yet at the same face the realisation that most of this facial / dental / jaw / cheek pain is in fact a neurological problem. The chances are that it will not go away, and is going to be something that I am going to have to live with. Mixed feelings indeed.

My mid back problem has subsided quite a bit, and in fact most of my body seems to be enjoying a holiday from the jabs, stabs, and electric shocks of neuropathic pain. I even seemed to be walking fairly well today, apart from rotten balance which will never be good. : )


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