Daily Post #56 – 1/3/11 – Upper body

Neck and shoulder still very uncomfortable, both sides playing up. Mid back electric knot is present, very difficult to take a full breath or straighten up. Turning from side to side or twisting is also very painful. It is very difficult to find a position which doesn’t cause pain.

Right thigh has had a few bouts of burning, I sometimes expect to see flames the burn is so intense.

Not a good day at all. GP is 7 with peaks of 8, hope it doesn’t get any worse.

…………. time passes……

Well it hasn’t got any better, chest/mid-back pain has been a nuisance all day. There was a time when I could recognise some type off activity that would bring this on, but it has gradually become easily triggered, so much so that it seems to come from nowhere. I couldn’t imagine living with it permanently, I think I will have to consider that as a possibility though.

Cold weather has returned, not perishingly cold but too cold for my comfort. At least the evenings are getting lighter, a promise of better weather to come.


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