Daily Post #55 – 28/2/11 – Neck troubles

Yeouch! Must have been the way I slept. Neck and shoulder very painful, stabbing electric pain, really makes me wince. It also seems to do weird things to my cardiac rhythm, but perhaps that’s just coincidence and unrelated.

Dropped my cuppa this morning, went to take a swig, and my hand went sideways and over rather than up, seems to be related to this shoulder/neck gripe.

Right leg is also being a pain, calf muscle feels tight and sore, feet (both) are burning, right hip is agony, especially after sitting down for a few minutes. Also some sciatic pain, hot coal high sacrum area and the hot wire down the leg sensation.

I think I might start a generalised and specific pain scale for each day. GP and SP (area).

GP = 7, SP (neck) = 8-9, SP(Rt. Leg) = 7, SP (burning feet) = 6, SP (wrists/forearm) = 5.

Just a thought …



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