Daily Post #53 – 26/2/11 – Walking Sticks

Walking back from the shop tonight and I realised that my balance isn’t helped that much by using the walking stick. Ok, it probably does help a little, but I did notice that when I wobbled, stumbled, tripped over my dragging right foot, I put lots of weight on the stick, only for my hand to give way and cause me to lurch to the left even more. I use my left hand for stick, as that supports my right foot, or in this case not adequately.

Perhaps I should really look at getting another stick. I did try two a few years ago, my physio lent me two sticks with fischer handles. The idea of the shaped handles was to minimise grip pressure, but I just didn’t get on with them. Too much effort to lift them for each step, which left me extremely breathless. Although my crook handle stick isn’t great for pressure relief of the hands, it does tend to naturally flick forward without much effort on my part. Fischer sticks just dont do that and require too much lifting and arm movement. Kills my shoulders and leaves me without any puff. Will have to go with another crook handled stick, at least they’re not expensive.



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