Daily Post #48 – 21/2/11 – Sudden foot drop

Now it’s the turn of my upper body to start grumbling. I guess all this breathlessness might have triggered this latest bout. My lower ribs and left side mid-lower back is very uncomfortable, I can feel the tingling and the jabs of electric pain running around the lower ribs. Left shoulder is not behaving either, quite a sharp, lemony, ache into to shoulder joint and around the shoulder blade.

Legs really bad this evening, quite a struggle walking to the shop. Left foot drop, came on very suddenly, must have been sitting awkwardly before going out, not sure really, it took me by surprise. My right foot is more consistently dropping, so I really struggles with both feet on the go. Balance was all over the place, but I did manage to stay upright.

Ribs still aching this evening, I’ve got that tight knotted sensation mid-back.

Sleep beckons.


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