Daily Post #47 – 20/2/11 –

Disturbed sleep again, this time continual waking because of partially dead hand, lots of pins and needles. Wrists, both hands, feel painful and weak this morning.

Right leg is up to no good, on the edge of deadness, minor pressure sending it even deeper into the deadness.

Screech, that’s what my ears are saying, quite light-headed.

Yeuch! Is the only way to describe this afternoon. Much nausea, dizziness, and off-balance, with tinnitus aplenty. Lots of facial pain and meshing maskiness sensation. Strange, not at all pleasant. Coupled with a good deal of breathlessness and chest pain, it was not a good afternoon. But, I do feel somewhat better this evening. Not all to do with HNPP and that’s for sure, but neuropathic pain weedles it’s way into the equation of being.


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