Daily Post #44 – 17/2/11 – QED

Another rough night, woke up so many times with burning thigh, the outer forward section. Arms were doing their best to wake me up in the intervening periods. So bloomin’ breathless this morning, took ages to recover from getting up.

Vertigo attack this afternoon, had to go out, driven to post office, collected some money, and staggered back to the car to be driven home.

This evening has been better though, had a fiddle with the amp again, trying different mods out. Soon find I’m getting back ache and had to call it a day after 3/4 of an hour. But it’s good to achieve something, good to have a hobby.

I’ve been reading various texts on valves, thermionic devices of old. Quite fascinating. Here’s a wonderful website with loads of old information.

The National Valve Museum



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