Daily Post #37 – 10/2/11 – Sciatica

Lately I’ve had relief from shoulder and neck troubles. It has been a great relief, if truth be told. The closer problems are to my head and upper trunk, the worse I feel, far more difficult for me to cope with.

Sciatica, or what I like to call sciatica, has reared up again. It has been quite silent for quite sometime. It seems to affect my right leg more than the left. Pain, like a hot coal, in my lower back which sends jabs of pain down my leg, which seems to make all the other upper and lower leg gripes flare up even more than usual. I went through a phase a few years ago when this was a persistent daily event. I’m far less mobile now than I was back then, so maybe that has something to do with this period of remission. But then again, with HNPP, everything seems to come and go in cycles.

Never a dull moment…

Just realised that all that left sided groin pain has subsided quite considerably over the last few days, right thigh has also been less troublesome. I’ve heard neurologists call HNPP patchy, seems quite appropriate in some ways.



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