Daily Post #36 – 9/2/11 – About pain

A typical day. Actually not that bad, leg is still doing it’s thing. Hips still seizing up during rest. Ears still ringing, balance still funky. Ulnar nerve left side still numb, carpal tunnel pestering.

Spent the day with my head in an electronic book, looking up valve amps and designs, a pleasant escape for me.

Here’s a fragment of a post I submitted when asked how pain affects my life, and how I cope with it.

“Describe: Stabbing, Shocking, crawling + nins and peedles, freezing and burning together and separate.

Medications: Paracetamol (acetaminophen), Ibuprofen, and opiates in varying quantities.
It’s often said the opiates don’t work for neuropathic pain, I find they make it more bearable. I am using prescribed morphine, I tried the usual neuropain drugs and they worked in varying degrees, some better than others. Most had side-effects that I couldn’t tolerate, making my life more difficult than without. I have been on the same dose of morphine for 4 or 5 years, it is still as effective, and far less troublesome than the other drugs. I know response is very much an individual thing.

It’s not so much the pain that changes my life. What interferes with my life is the loss of sensation, and muscle weakness, which is episodic, difficult to predict but at the same time steadily progressive in it’s own peculiar way. Pain becomes a part of that, but without it, life would still be as difficult, but probably less distressing. Coping with the emotional demands that pain causes is difficult, and sometimes I need some help with that. Sometimes I find that help in the most unsual places. Solace, Asylum, sanctuary, peace. Pleasure is a great antedote. I’m rambling…”

Ctrl-c, ctrl-v …. that saved a bit of typing….



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