Daily Post #35 – 8/2/11 – Mobility

Have been looking up various wheelchair / scooter options. There are times when a wheelchair would be useful, but I cannot self-propel, as this would aggravate shoulder, neck and chest problems. A mobility scooter could be an option, I do wonder whether I could cope with the driving position. Having my arms operating the handlebars would probably cause further shoulder, neck and chest problems. So the most likely answer would be a powerchair. It just seems too much too quickly. And perhaps I should still try to keep moving, even though my walks are less than 100metres a day, I am still doing that.

It would be useful for longer distances, though I’m not sure how a powerchair would cope on the inner city Bristol streets. It’s quite rough ground out there. I will need help with this choice. There is a wheelchair service run by the local health authority, and that is subject to a thorough assessment. Perhaps other ways to help keep my mobility going could be found. I doubt whether a powerchair would be funded, as I would have to be fully dependent on it within the home before one is considered for outside use. I will conatct them for further advice, at least the assessment would help me to get the right aids before spending out any money on them.

I don’t find it an easy decision, but it is one I will have to face before too long.

Having more problems with my calf muscle again. I’m sure it is swollen. @23:37


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