Daily Post #33 – 6/2/11 – Bad day at Black Rock

Which is the title of a film staring Spencer Tracy, 1955. But also a great blues folk CD by the legend that is Jackie McAuley, ex-Them, The Belfast Gypsies, Trader Horn, Poormouth, and his stint as Lonnie Donegan’s musical director.

Apparently I used to bounce up and down in my pram every time lonnie Donnegan came on the radio, and about 10 years ago I had the pleasure of seeing the great man perform at the Trowbridge Festival. Jackie McAuley was on the bill as well, and was promoting his latest album, Bad Day at Black Rock. Blackrock is also a seaside town not far from Dun Laoghaire, Eire, a few miles south east from Dublin. There are some splendid songs on Jackie’s CD, great acoustic blues. He writes a good tune and does some wonderful covers of Blues classics.

There, that makes a change.

My day…. hmmm… Bad day sums it up, but always there are things to take the blues away.


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