Daily Post #31 – 4/2/11

Now here comes trouble. The brief respite from right leg problems was short lived. Left groin pain and stiffness is still there. I feel shattered, totally drained of energy.

I have to wander to the post box later, only 50metres or so, it’s a 1in 50 slope at the most, but it is so difficult to walk. Energy and fatigue.

I heard a good analogy for energy and fatigue the other day. Imagine a hose pipe, turn on the water and there’s good flow from the end. Now imagine a hose pipe with many little holes along it’s length, now the same water input only gives a trickle at the endpipe. More water input is needed to bring the flow upto the same rate as before.

It’s the same with poorly innervated muscles. the weaker they are the more energy has to be put in to get the same result. The result is fatigue and aching, tired muscles.

signing off@9:30

I have a sore throat again, except there’s no swelling, no signs of infection, just this sensation of something prickly or dry stuck on the left side. I think I may be getting some tongue discomfort adjacent to the throat on the left. Swallowing seems a little difficult. Not sure what is going on, I doubt it’s infection as it keeps coming back and to have a sore throat for nearly 4 weeks doesn’t indicate infection, surely if it was there would be some visible sign. No glandular swelling, just this prickly stabbing pain.

Facial pain is quite angry today, odd stabs in all trigem distributions on both sides. Really must see a doc about all this.



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